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Image Name Description
Mouthswab.png Mouth Swab Used to take samples of diseased patients.
Diagnoser.png Diagnoser Put the used mouth swab into the machine and wait for a health report. Take the report to the Chem lab so they can create medication that you can administer to the infected patients. It is recommended to use the medical scanner to identify first , since there is no need to waste a swab on people that is not infected
Vaccinator.png Vaccinator Put a used mouth swab into the machine. Vaccines provide resistance to the disease but they do not cure it.
Biosuitshell.png Bio Suit Used to stay safe from infectious diseases while also administering treatment and contaminating the outbreak.

Tip : It is a good idea to mass produce vaccine once an outbreak begins. After you vaxed yourself, you still need to produce more vaccines. It is also a good idea to stash a good number of vaccine for the cloned ones, as they would loss all immunity to all previous infections

Viruses & Diseases


Virus Resistance Symptoms Treatment Description
Space Cold 0 Itchiness, general unwell Ultravasculine / Bed rest for 20 seconds / Waiting 6 minutes and a half
Vent Cough 0 Coughing, burning insides Space Cleaner / Bed rest for 30 seconds / Waiting 10 minutes
Space Flu 0.08 Vomiting, general unwell, burning sensation Bed rest for 100 seconds
Bird Flew 0.08 Vomiting, general unwell, coughing, burning insides Bed rest for 2 minutes
Van Ausdall's Robovirus 0.10 Beeping , being shocked once in a while Beepsky Smash (drink) / Waiting 15 minutes. Can be obtained through an alien artifact.
AMIV 0.10 Beating in one's chest, monkey screeching, compulsion to steal. Banana Honk (drink) / Waiting 26 minutes and 40 seconds. Isn't worth to wait out.
Memetic Amirmir 0 Suddenly falling asleep, yawning
Bleeder's Bite 0 Eaten insides. Demons Blood (drink) / Having your body temperature at 60 degrees or higher / Survive 15 minutes. It will actively remove TranexamicAcid present in the patient's body, so you must think of other ways (pulped banana peal) to stop the bleeding. Can be obtained through an alien artifact.

After being infected, without treatments you will have a 25% chance to go into crit within the first 3 min, and a 75% chance to go into crit within 9 min.
Plague 0.10 Vomiting, coughing, poison buildup Bed rest for 2 minutes / Waiting 4 minutes. It is recommended to ingest Dylovene to counter the poison damage due to how long it takes to wait it out.
OwOnavirus 0.25 OwO-speak, speed buff, slight stun & knockdown resistant. Theobromine (10u, 5 chocolate bars) or having your body temperature at 120 degrees or higher. Can only be contracted through alien artifact or directly given to players by admins.

After being infected, without treatments there is a 25% chance to go into crit within the first 9 min, and a 75% chance to go into crit within 22 min.
Tongue Twister 0.10 Mixes the structure of one's sentences, sneezing. Bed rest for 30 seconds / Waiting 6 minutes 40 seconds.
Corpium 0.20 Cough Romerol (10u) AKA zombies. Usually obtained by a nukeops item for 40TC. When dead, people infected by corpium will reanimate into hostile zombies that will attack non-infected individuals, spreading the disease. The only method to stop zombies is to kill them; zombies take 3 times the damage from fire and laser weapons. After being infected, without treatments there is a 25% chance to go into crit within 4 min, and a 75% to go into crit within 5 min.

Utilizing Spacecillin

Spaceacillin is an excellent drug that can used to cure most of the common illness or even some of the more serious ones.

I have made a simple graph to visualize how it is calculated.


Disease Resistance Symptoms Treatment Notes
Ultragigacancer N/A No symptoms seem to be present. Phalanximine (15u) Is caused by a traitor item that resembles a medical scanner.
Spectral Tiredness N/A Suddenly falling asleep, yawning, poisoning Bed rest for 1 minute / Waiting 4 minutes
Stage IIIA Lung Cancer 1 Vomiting, coughing It's over.

Kill , Clone , Vaccinate

When dealing with a deadly disease you do not know how to treat, like owonagen or bleeders bite. You can produce the vaccine from a infected dead body and give that vaccine to anyone that was cloned. That way, everyone coming out of the cloning pod area would be immune to the disease.

Overpowering OwOnavirus

You can develop a drug that postpones the lethal effect of OwOnavirus; meaning you will still have owo-speak, but at least you won't die! (note: you will still be contagious, so good luck outrunning sec when they start hunting the infected)

There are two ways to make such a drug:

1. Outhealing the overdose damage

You would need a mix of Ultravasculine & Dexalin Plus with some Tricordrazine (to compensate for the brute damage caused by Ultravasculine). Since Ultravasculine is difficult to acquire in bulk (as a non T), this method should be used on cigars (as the amount of drug you put in there doesn't matter).

(note: if the Ephedrine buildup manages to reach the max cap of chem your body can hold, you will still die of overdose however it would take a long time)

2. Change part of the Ephedrine in your body to Desoxyephedrine

Phosphorus, iodine, ephedrine and carbon make desoxyphedrine. If you manage to change the Ephedrine in your body to Desoxyephedrine, part of the Ephedrine would be metabolised faster (0.5/s + 0.125/s vs 0.5/s).

Unfortunately, Desoxyephedrine will cause stuttering and Poison damage. That, plus the owo-speak will almost completely remove your ability to speak comprehensibly. And since you cannot see exactly what is in your body, you need to take the medicine blind. Not a suggested method unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Beating the Zombie Outbreak on the station.

First thing. DO NOT GO TO MEDBAY UNLESS THE CHEMIST MADE ZOMBIE CURE. Because Medbay is the primary target for the zombies. Second, get to sec or a place that is very very far from Medbay or the middle. Third, you need to get some kind of weapon that can hit long ranges. (Ex: Spears if you use it correctly, Guns, etc.) If your a Sec officer. You have 2 ways. Reinforce Sec or kill many zombies as possible.

(Note this is incomplete.)

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