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Steel Crate.png

Crates are containers for items. Especially large items -- such as lockers, machines, or large equipment -- cannot fit inside. Just because an item comes packed in a crate when the Quartermaster receives it doesn't mean it will go back inside once the crate is opened!

Supply Crates are ordered at the Cargo Ordering Computer by the Quartermaster and comes alongside most of their orders. More crates can be found around the station.

Give Onto the QM his Dues

The Quartermaster can order a whole lot of things and he usually wants the crate back after you've taken your supplies, if it comes with one. They aren't worth much, but it can always be used to get more supplies for the station's whole benefit. The quartermasters like it when people bring crates, and will often give things without hassle to people with crates brought in.

Crate Locks and Access

Just like the rest of the station, crates have variable levels of access. The QM can't unlock anything that is locked by default, for various reasons, the primary one being it would be pointless to make because all crates go through the QM anyway. Security crates can be opened by security personnel and those with higher access, et cetera. An emag can get into locked crates, however, or you can get resourceful with certain Weapons such as explosives or a fireaxe.

Making Money

Cargo budget starts off with 2000 zorkmids. This is the budget you use to buy crates, and this is where money from exports ends up. The QM can check the budget on the cargo request computer.


You can receive zorkmids by shipping items back to CentCom. Examples:

  • You will get 50 zorkmids per crate.
  • Every ordered crate has a "shipping manifest" on it. You rip it off by alt clicking the crate.
  • Crafting objects with the materials you were given or bought, then selling those objects.
  • Having one the Atmospheric Technicians give you a canister full of expensive gas can have you set for the entire shift.

Crates are money. Find them. Hoard them greedily. Other things are money, too. If you think about, the station is really just a huge pile of money. Experiment! You can use your appraisal tool to verify the price of an item before you sell it. Just because you think a good might be worth something doesn't mean that CentCom wants it!

Remember that price lowers the more you sell something.

Ordering Crates

To spend the money you made, you need to order crates. The price of these crates is pulled from the cargo budget as soon as you approve the request.

  • The Cargo Ordering Computer is typically public, and lets anyone request an order. This console asks the requester to type a reason for each order. This reason appears on the supply console, where the request must be approved or denied.


Following is a list of the crates available and their contents organized by their category shown in the cargo request computer.

Armory Crate.png Armory

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
SMG crate 3000 Armory 2x WT550 submachine guns
4x WT550 magazine
Shotgun crate 2500 Armory 2x Enforcer shotguns
3x Boxes of shotgun lethal cartridges
Tracking implants 1000 Armory 5x Tracking implanters
Lasers crate 1600 Armory 3x Retro laser guns
Pistols crate 1700 Armory 2x Mk58 pistols
4x Pistol magazines

Steel Crate.png Atmospherics

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Air canister 2700 1x Air canister
Oxygen canister 2300 1x Oxygen canister
Nitrogen canister 3200 1x Nitrogen canister
Oxygen canister 2500 1x Oxygen canister
Tank dispenser restock crate 1000 1x Tank dispenser restock box

CargoPallet.png Cargo

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Cargo Pallet 250 1x Cargo Pallet

Plastic Crate.png Emergency

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Bomb suit crate 650 Security 1x bombsuit helmet
1x bomb suit
1x gas mask
1x screwdriver
1x wirecutter
1x multitool
Firefighting crate 1200 2x flashlight
2x fire extinguisher
2x red hard hat
2x fire suit
2x oxygen tank
Internals crate 500 3x gas mask
3x breath mask
3x oxygen tank
3x nitrogen tanks
3x emergency suit
Radiation protection crate 1000 2x radiation suit
2x radiation hood
2x Geiger counter
1x vodka bottle
2x shot glass
Inflatable wall crate 500 1x inflatable wall box
Emergency bio suit crate 800 2x bio suit
2x bio hood
2x gas mask

Engineering Crate.png Engineering

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
LV cable crate 600 3x LV cable coil
MV cable crate 600 3x MV cable coil
HV cable crate 600 3x HV cable coil
Bulk cable crate 1200 2x LV cable coil
2x MV cable coil
2x HV cable coil
Electrical Supplies crate 4500 2x electrical toolbox
2x insulated gloves
Jetpack crate 1000 2x jetpack
Mini jetpack crate 750 2x mini jetpack
Airlock kit 1100 30x steel
1x LV cable coil
6x door electronics
Packaged antimatter reactor crate 6000 Engineering 9x AME part
Antimatter containment jar crate 2000 Engineering 3x AME fuel jar
Antimatter control unit crate 2000 Engineering 1x AME controller
Singularity generator crate 4000 Engineering 1x gravitational singularity generator
Containment field generator crate 1000 Engineering 1x containment field generator
Radiation collector crate 1000 Engineering 1x radiation collector
PA crate 2000 Engineering 1x PA control box computer board
1x PA emitter center board
1x PA emitter left board
1x PA emitter right board
1x PA end cap board
1x PA fuel chambre board
1x PA power box board
Solar assembly crate 500 6x solar assembly part
EngiVend restock crate 3200 Engineering 1x EngiVend restock box
Salvage restock crate 1000 1x Salvage Vendor restock box

Margherita Pizza.png Food

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Emergency pizza delivery 550 1x pizza box
1x plastic knife
MRE crate 1000 6x M.R.E.
Kitchen supplies crate 750 1x jar of corn oil
1x jar of ghee
1x jar of olive oil
3x flour bag
3x rice bag
4x milk
2x soy milk
2x sugar bag
3x salt
2x universal enzyme
2x egg carton
Kitchen dinnerware crate 750 4x bowl
4x large plate
4x small place
4x skewer
1x kitchen knife
4x metamorphic glass
4x pie tin
2x fork
2x spoon
Bartending supplies crate 750 5x metamorphic glass
5x shot glass
2x shaker
2x orange juice
2x lime juice
2x tomato juice
2x water bottle
2x soda water can
2x Milk Cream
KBAC 2000 1x KBAC
Large pizza delivery 1800 16x pizza box
4x plastic knife
Soft Drinks 1200 4x space cola
2x grape soda can
2x root beer can
2x iced tea can
2x lemon-lime can
2x fourteen loko can
Large Soft Drinks 2400 8x space cola
4x grape soda can
4x root beer can
4x iced tea can
4x lemon-lime can
4x fourteen loko can

Lizard Plushie.png Fun

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Variety instrument collection 2000 1x synthesizer
1x acoustic guitar
1x trumpet
1x accordion
1x harmonica
1x recorder
1x glockenspiel
Brass instrument ensemble crate 2500 2x trumpet
2x trombone
2x french horn
2x saxophone
1x euphonium
1x tuba
String instrument ensemble crate 2500 1x acoustic guitar
1x electric guitar
1x bass guitar
1x rock guitar
1x banjo
1x violin
1x cello
1x viola
1x harp
Woodwing instrument ensemble crate 2500 2x recorder
1x bagpipe
1x clarinet
1x flute
2x harmonica
1x ocarina
1x pan flute
Keyed/Percussion instrument ensemble crate 2500 2x synthesizer
2x accordion
2x kalimba
1x woodblock
2x glockenspiel
1x vibraphone
Special instrument collector's crate 10000 1x gilded bike horn
1x music box
1x seashell
1x xylophone
1x gunpet
1x microphone
1x toy helicopter
1x bird whistle
1x musical lung
1x reverse cymbals
Art supplies 500 1x crayon box
1x white crayon
Party Crate 1000 2x green glowstick
2x blue glowstick
2x purple glowstick
2x red glowstick
2x yellow glowstick
1x birthdaycake
4x Lean
1x plastic knife
Water Gun Crate 800 1x water blaster
5x water pistol
Plushies crate 1000 1x bee plushie
1x nar'sie plushie
1x carp plushie
1x slime plushie
1x snake plushie
1x lizard plushie
1x space lizard plushie
1x vox plushie
1x ratvar plushie
1x blue shark soft toy
2x moth plushie
1x atmosian plushie
Board game crate 1500 1x chess board
1x backgammon board
1x parchis board
1x checker board
4x d6
1x shogi board
ATV crate 1500 1x ATV
1x ATV keys
Sad Trombone Implants 1000 3x sad trombone implanter
Light Implants 1000 3x light implanter
Pirate Chest 400 2x pirate slops
1x pirate hat
1x pirate garb
2x laceup shoes
1x red bandana
2x foam cutlass
Boxing Crate 500 1x red boxing gloves
1x blue boxing gloves
1x yellow boxing gloves
1x green boxing gloves
3x boxing shorts
3x boxing shorts with top

Hydroponics Crate.pngHydroponics

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Exotic seeds crate 1000 Hydroponics 2x packet of Banana seeds
2x packet of Eggplant seeds
2x packet of Towercap seeds
2x packet of Tobacco seeds
2x packet of Cannabis seeds
2x packet of Nettle seeds
2x packet of Fly Amanita seeds
2x packet of Killer Tomato seeds
2x packet of Pineapple seeds
Medicinal seeds crate 500 Hydroponics 3x packet of Aloe seeds
3x packet of Ambrosia Vulgaris seeds
3x packet of Galaxythistle seeds
3x packet of Lingzhi spores
3x packet of Poppy seeds
Hydroponics equipment crate 500 1x mini hoe
1x Plant-B-Gone
1x weed spray
1x pest spray
1x scythe
1x hatchet
1x botanist's apron
1x botanist's leather gloves
Seeds crate 500 1x packet of Chili seeds
1x packet of Corn seeds
1x packet of Eggplant seeds
1x packet of Tomato seeds
1x packet of Wheat seeds
1x packet of Carrot seeds
1x packet of Cabbage seeds
1x packet of Garlic seeds
1x packet of Chanterelle spores
1x packet of Potato seeds
1x packet of Sugarcane seeds
1x packet of Lemon seeds
1x packet of Lime seeds
1x packet of Orange seeds
1x packet of Oat seeds
1x packet of Onion seeds
1x packet of Red Onion seeds
1x packet of Rice seeds
1x packet of Soybean seeds
1x packet of Grape seeds
1x packet of Watermelon seeds
MegaSeed restock crate 3000 Hydroponics 1x MegaSeed restock box
NutriMax restock crate 2400 Hydroponics 1x NutriMax restock box

Livestock Crate.png Livestock

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Crate of bees 4000 8x bee
Crate of butterflies 2500 5x butterfly
Cat crate 1000 1x cat
Chicken crate 2500 4x chicken
Duck crate 3500 2x brown duck
2x white duck
2x mallard duck
pitbull crate 700 1x pitbull
Corgi crate 1000 1x corgi
Cow crate 3200 1x cow
Goat crate 1000 1x goat
Goose crate 1500 2x goose
Gorilla crate 1000 1x gorilla
Monkey cube crate 2000 1x monkey cube box
Mice crate 2500 5x mouse
Penguin crate 1600 2x penguin
Pig crate 2500 1x pig
Snake crate 2000 3x snake
hamster cage 2800 1x hamster cage with hamster
Lizard crate 1000 1x lizard
Kangaroo crate 2800 1x kangaroo
Parrot crate 2000 3x parrot

PlasteelStack.png Materials

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Glass sheet crate 1000 90x glass
Steel sheet crate 1000 90x steel
Plastic sheet crate 1500 90x plastic
Plasteel sheet crate 3000 90x plasteel
Textiles crate 1000 60x cloth
30x durathread
Solid plasma crate 2000 90x plasma
Cardboard crate 750 60x carboard
fuel tank 1500 1x fuel tank
water tank 1000 1x water tank

Medical Crate.png Medical

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Medical supplies crate 2400 2x first aid kit
2x roll of gauze
2x blood pack
1x latex gloves box
1x sterile mask box
1x sterile swab box
Chemistry supplies crate 750 1x syringe box
1x beaker box
1x pill canister box
2x dropper
2x bottle box
Emergency burn kit 2100 4x burn treatment kit
Emergency toxin kit 700 4x toxin treatment kit
Emergency O2 kit 1100 4x oxygen deprivation treatment kit
Emergency brute kit 3600 4x brute trauma treatment kit
Emergency advanced kit 3700 4x advanced first aid kit
Emergency radiation kit 2500 4x radiation treatment kit
Virology bio suit crate 800 Medical 2x bio suit
2x bio hood
2x sterile mask
NanoMed restock crate 1750 Medical 1x NanoMed restock box
Body bags crate 700 Medical 2x body bag box
ChemVend restock crate 3820 Medical 1x ChemVend restock box
Chemicals crate (P) 750 Chemistry 1x jug (aluminium)
1x jug (carbon)
1x jug (chlorine)
1x jug (fluorine)
1x jug (iodine)
1x jug (phosphorus)
1x jug (sulfur)
1x jug (silicon)
Chemicals crate (S) 750 Chemistry 1x jug (hydrogen)
1x jug (lithium)
1x jug (sodium)
1x jug (potassium)
1x jug (radium)
Chemicals crate (D) 750 Chemistry 1x jug (iron)
1x jug (copper)
1x jug (gold)
1x jug (mercury)
1x jug (silver)

Science Crate.png Science

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Artifact container 500 1x Artifact container
scientist bio suit crate 800 Epistemics 2x bio suit
2x bio hood
2x sterile mask
Robotech Deluxe restock crate 1600 Epistemics 1x Robotech Deluxe restock box

Security Crate.png Security

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Armor crate 700 Security 3x bulletproof vest
Helmet crate 550 Security 3x helmet
Nonlethals crate 2100 Security 3x disabler
3x stunbaton
1x flashbang box
3x flash
2x bola
Swat crate 2900 Security 2x riot suit
2x light riot helmet
2x enforcer
2x box of shotgun beanbag cartridges
Security supplies crate 500 Security 1x handcuff box
1x sechud box
1x space law
Restraints crate 1000 Security 2x handcuff box
2x ziptie box
Security bio suit crate 800 Security 2x bio suit
2x bio hood
2x sterile mask
SecTech restock crate 2200 Security 1x SecTech restock box

Restock Blank.png Service

Name Cost in Zorkmids Access required Contents
Janitorial supplies crate 560 1x mop
1x mob bucket
3x bucket
2x wet floor sign
1x soap
2x space cleaner
2x trash bag
2x plunger
Replacement lights crate 600 1x lighttube box
1x lightbulb box
Mousetraps crate 500 1x mousetrap box
Theatrical performances crate 1800 1x performer's jumpskirt
1x performer's boots
1x monkey suit
1x monkey hat
1x moth cloak
1x clown wig and mask
1x mime mask
1x clown shoes
1x janitorial maid uniform
1x cap gun
Smokeables crate 1500 2x cigarette carton
1x cigar case
2x match box
DIY smokeables crate 1000 1x pack of rolling paper
8x cigarette filter
4x ground tobacco
1x pipe
1x match box
Bureaucracy crate 1000 15x paper
2x pen
1x hand labeler
1x red folder
1x yellow folder
1x blue folder
Personnel crate 1000 Command 1x PDA box
1x ID card box
DIY holy water crate 1000 Epistemics 1x holy water kit
Janitor bio suit crate 800 2x bio suit
2x bio hood
2x sterile mask
Booze-O-Mat restock crate 3500 1x Booze-O-Mat restock box
Chang restock crate 1200 2x MrChang restock box
ChefVend restock crate 680 1x ChefVend restock box
Clothing restock crate 5000 1x wardrobe restock box
1x AutoDrobe restock box
Condiment Station restock crate 300 1x Condiment Station restock box
Discount Dans restock crate 1200 2x Discount Dan's restock box
Donut restock crate 1200 2x Robust Donuts restock box
Getmore Chocolate Corp restock crate 1200 2x GetMore Chocolate restock box
Good Clean Fun restock crate 750 1x Good Clean Fun restock box
Happy honk restock crate 2100 2x Happy Honk restock box
Plasteel Chef restock crate 2000 1x Plasteel Chef's restock crate
PTech restock crate 1200 1x PTech restock box
Robust Softdrinks restock crate 1200 2x Robust Softdrinks box
ShadyCigs restock crate 1200 2x ShadyCigs restock box
Solar's Best restock crate 1200 2x Solar's Best restock box
Vendomat restock crate 1200 1x Vendomat restock box
Colored Lights Crate 600 2x colored lighttube box
Maintenance Lights Crate 600 2x maintenance lightbulb box
Boxes crate 400 6x cardboard box
Books crate 1000 10x empty books
Guidebooks crate 1300 Guidebooks
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