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Standard Operating Procedure

This page covers the standardized guidelines and procedures on board the station. Note that these are not laws, and the Captain may alter them as they see fit. Make sure to look at Alert Procedure for guidelines that change based on the alert level.

Line of succession

If the captain dies and is unrecoverable for whatever reason, then a new captain must be selected. this follows a fairly simple ruling which I've put into a step by step guide:

  • Step 1: Is captain still alive? if so proceed to step 5, if not proceed to the next step.
  • Step 2: Is hop still alive? if so proceed to step 5, if not proceed to the next step.
  • Step 3: All heads may vote on a head to make captain, then should proceed to step 5, If all heads are dead proceed to the next step.
  • Step 4: Call the shuttle and set the alert level to code red.
  • Step 5: That person is now Captain.

High Security Areas

This covers High Security Areas and who should be accessing them. High Security Areas: High security areas that should be restricted, and on alert levels, bolted.

  • Nonlethal armoury: Any security officer or above.
  • Lethal armoury: Any security officer or above, but should probably wait until a code blue (on a code red heads may also access this room).
  • Self Destruct Room/Vault: Bolted at all times unless the Captain requests access.
  • AI Core: Only the Captain, Hop, and Chief Engineer have access normally. Bolted on Code Blue or above. Individual access to upload no longer permitted, on Code Red or above access must be done with at least two Heads, or a Head and a Warden.
  • Telecommunications: Only the Captain, CE and Senior Engineer have access normally.

Medical Evaluation

Given good medical reason and with documentation, the Chief Medical Officer may declare any on-duty personnel unfit for duty and remove them from their position, including the Captain. This standard procedure may not be overruled by the Captain.

In order for a medical evaluation to be considered correct, two heads, one of which must be the CMO must agree that the specified crewmate is unfit for duty and the Head of personnel must agree in order for their demotion.

Controlled Substances/Items

Controlled substances are any substances that have been restricted or made illegal under space law. The current list of controlled substances is as follows:

  • Space drugs
  • Pure Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, (LSD) sometimes referred to as “Mindbreaker.”
  • Corpium
  • Nocturine
  • Any explosive or pyrotechnic compound outside of sci.
  • Any lethal toxin or toxic substance/compound outside of sci or the medical chemistry lab.

Controlled Items are items that have been restricted or made illegal under space law. The current list of controlled items is as follows:

  • Biological or Chemical Weapons, such as neurotoxin grenades. Plasma gas is considered a chemical weapon when used offensively.
  • Any cloning technology designed to rapidly grow an adult clone with fully-developed mental faculties.
  • Military Explosives when not in use by Security or otherwise authorised entities. Note that constructive explosives, such as any charges used for mining are not subject to this restriction. Plasma-based explosives are considered military weapons.
  • Automatic Weapons when not in use by Security, another authorised department of Central command, or an otherwise authorized entity. This means any weapon capable of firing multiple shots when the trigger is depressed once, energy or otherwise.
  • Corporate security forces are considered an "authorized entity" with respect to the above clauses.
  • Weaponry in the possession of personnel who have not been authorised to possess it.
  • Hacking software which allows a person to subvert access to ship systems, bypass access restrictions or attack a vessels computer network.
  • Any hostile corporation technology.

Research Operations

Science employees are permitted to use their lab spaces as they see fit with the following exceptions:

  • Any human experimentation must be done with the consent of the test subject, and must not have an undue risk of life. The Captain or RD may terminate any experiment for safety or ethical purposes at their discretion.
  • Self-Experimentation is prohibited and is chargeable with endangerment.
  • Testing of any explosives with risk of penetrating the hull or causing mass destruction must be done at an off-station site.
  • Small arms and larger weapons must also be tested at an off-station site if there is risk to the hull.
  • Distribution of experimental technology to research personnel for testing is permitted.
  • Science employees are not subject to laws regarding Controlled Substances or Items while using said items in the course of research.
  • Experimental technology may be provided to crew departments for testing and use with the approval of the department head.
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