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The Shipyard is the source of the station's shuttles.

Shipyard Access



The Shipyard Computer allows the Captain to access the shipyard market and purchase a shuttle from a list using the station's bank account. These are not cheap but are intended to be fun and interesting rewards for cooperating station crews.

The Shipyard Menu is pretty simple and allows you to buy a shuttle by simply pressing the purchase button, provided Cargo has the funds. After the shuttle has been bought, it will arrive at the station via FTL after 60 seconds.


Every shuttle is different in look and intended usage. Here is a list of all the shuttles available for purchase:

Image Name Description Price Category Group
ShuttlePTS.png Private Transport Shuttle A private transport vessel for up to 6 passengers. 23000 Small Civilian
ShuttleBarge.png The Barge A large shipping vessel repurposed into a salvage bar. 45000 Medium Civilian
ShuttleHelix.png NTMC Helix A large mobile health clinic for servicing distant outposts. 38500 Medium Civilian
ShuttleProspecter.png NT-7 Prospecter A small mining vessel designed to assist salvage operations. 19000 Small Civilian
ShuttleNomad.png NTCV Nomad A small shuttle for transporting up to 3 passengers with relative comfort. 21000 Small Civilian
ShuttleTote.png NTSV Tote A small shipping vessel, adapted from the Nomad line of shuttles with room for 2 passengers. 20000 Small Civilian
ShuttlePulse.png NTV Pulse A moderately sized shuttle intended for all-purpose use. It can comfortably accomodate a crew of up to ten people. 50000 Medium Civilian
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