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Research and Development

Research and Development (commonly called R&D or RnD) is the job of the Acolytes in Epistemics. Through scientific analysis of alien artifacts and obsequious service to a talking statue, you'll unlock the secrets of new technology for the entire station.

R&D gameplay largely revolves around the acquisition and use of research points to gain new technologies for the station.

Point Generation

Research points can be acquired through a few different sources.

Research points are generated passively by active Glimmer Probers. Your passive generation is limited to (7,500 * Probers). You can also generate points actively by activating alien artifacts and obeying The Oracle. The Oracle is a stone statue somewhere on the station that requests different items be given over to it. In exchange, you will be granted research points disks and bluespace crystals.

A profitable form of point generation is Xenoarcheology, which is the process of analyzing and activating different randomly generated artifacts that can be found via events or salvage debris. Most artifacts have more than one "Stimulus-Reaction" combination (known as Nodes), so make sure to scan and activate as many of them as you can before destroying the artifact for points, selling it to cargo, or keeping it around because it's effects are cool enough to warrant keeping.

Another highly valuable source of research points is Anomalous Research. Most Epistemics departments come equipped with an Anomaly Generator, Anomalous Particle Emitters (A.P.E.) and Anomaly Vessels, which are used to spawn, interact with, and generate points from anomalies respectively. Anomalies can come in different forms, ranging from raging balls of pink-hot matter, to electrically-discharging motes of light, to radioactive gravity wells, so make sure to wear some protective gear while studying them.

Points can also be acquired through research disks, which can be found in maintenance, salvaged from space, given as a result of identifying a disease or from giving the Oracle what it desire.


R&D Computer

The R&D computer at the start of the Round with no technologies researched.

RDComputer.png In the R&D computer new technologies can be unlocked via points. To research a technology, click on it if it's in the Unlockable technologies column. Technologies in the Future technologies are locked behind others, requiring you to research a previous technology (in the Unlockable technologies column). Technologies in the Unlocked technologies section have already been researched.



Your purple departmental techfab holds most of your cool lategame recipes. All of the bluespace crystals go here. You can use them to make cool stuff like bags of holding, quantum spin inverters, and so on.

Circuit Imprinter


The Circuit Imprinter is a machine capable of printing machine boards used for creating machines and computers. They require steel, glass and sometimes gold.

Technology Trees

New tech will usually unlock new recipes for machines which have synchronized their database with the R&D Server in use. New technology builds on the old: to unlock the secrets of space-time technology, you'll need to learn plenty of other things along the way. Technologies are roughly grouped, but some items may require research from outside its "tree."

Basic Research Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 2,500
Recipes: Mug, Metal Mug, Metamorphic Glass
This is always the starting point of your journey.

Science Tech Tree

Research Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000s
Recipes: Technology Disk Terminal board, Node Scanner, Anomaly Scanner, Anomaly Locator

Anomaly Technology
Prerequisites: Research Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Anomaly Vessel Machine board, A.P.E. Machine board, C.H.I.M.P. Handcannon, Cartridge (Delta Particle), Cartridge (Epsilon Particle), Cartridge (Zeta Particle)

Archaeological Technology
Prerequisites: Research Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Analysis Computer board, Artifact Analyzer Machine Board, Traversal Distorter Machine board

Cleaning Tech Tree

Cleaning Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Bucket, Mop, Advanced Mop, Mop Bucket, Spray Bottle, Mega Spray Bottle, Body Bag, Light Replacer, Trash Bag, Wet Floor Sign

Advanced Spray Technology
Prerequisites: Cleaning Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Spray Nozzle, Backpack Water Tank

Entertainment Tech Tree

Applied Musicology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Synthesizer, Digital Audio Workstation Machine Board

Electronics Tech Tree

Electromagnetic Theory
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: LV Cable Coil, MV Cable Coil, HV Cable Coil, Incandescent Light Bulb, Incandescent Light Tube, APC Electronics, Substation Machine board, Remote Signaller, Signal Trigger, Voice Trigger, Timer Trigger, Capacitor, Matter Bin, Micro-Laser, Micro-Manipulator, Scanning Module, Telecommunication Server Machine board

Compact Power Technology
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Wallmount Substation Electronics, Wallmount Generator Electronics, Wallmount APU Electronics

Robotics Technology
Prerequisites: Compact Power Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Proximity Sensor, Left Borg Arm, Right Borg Arm, Left Borg Leg, Right Borg Leg, Drone, Exosuit Fabricator Machine board, Diagnostic HUD

Basic Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory
Points: 2,500
Recipes: Small-Capacity Power Cell

Advanced Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Basic Powercell Printing
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Medium-Capacity Power Cell

Super Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Advanced Powercell Printing
Points: 7,500
Recipes: High-Capacity Power Cell

Electrical Engineering
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory, Industrial Engineering
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Power Drill, SMES Machine board, Power Monitoring Computer board, Generator (Plasma) Machine board, Generator (Uranium) Machine board, Solar Control Computer board, Emitter Machine board, Holofan Projector, Radar Console Computer board

Advanced Atmospherics Technology
Prerequisites: Electrical Engineering
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Holofan Projector, Freezer Thermomachine Machine Board, Portable Scrubber Machine Board, Gas Recycler board

Rapid Upgrading
Prerequisites: Electrical Engineering
Points: 10,000
Recipes: RCD Ammo, RPED

Advanced Parts Technology
Prerequisites: Compact Power Technology, Electrical Engineering
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Advanced Capacitor, Advanced Matter Bin, High-Power Micro-Laser, Nano-Manipulator, Advanced Scanning Module, Reverse Engineering Machine Machine board

Super Parts Technology
Prerequisites: Advanced Parts Technology
Points: 20,000
Recipes: Super Capacitor, Super Matter Bin, Ultra-High-Power Micro-Laser, Pico-Manipulator, Phasic Scanning Module

Bluespace Technology
Prerequisites: Super Parts Technology, Anomaly Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Bluespace Beaker, Bag Of Holding, Satchel Of Holding, Duffelbag Of Holding, Trash Bag Of Holding

Teleportation Technology
Prerequisites: Super Parts Technology, Anomaly Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Quantum Spin Inverter, Silver Alloy Core, Hand Teleporter

Engineering Tech Tree

Industrial Engineering
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Intercom Electronics, Conveyor Belt, Flashlight, Fire Extinguisher, Firelock Electronics, Door Electronics, Autolathe Machine board, Protolathe Machine board, Circuit Imprinter Machine board, Uniform Printer Machine board, Air Alarm Electronics, Fire Alarm Electronics, Mailing Unit Electronics, Signal Timer Electronics

Material Sheet Printing
Prerequisites: Industrial Engineering
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Steel, Plastic, Plasteel, Plasma, Reinforced Glass, Glass, Bluespace Crystal, Material Reclaimer Machine board

Salvage Tech Tree

Salvage Equipment
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Appraisal Tool, Mining Drill, Ore Processor Machine board

Ripley Technology
Prerequisites: Salvage Equipment
Points: 30,000
Recipes: Ripley Central Control Module, Ripley Peripherals Control Module, Hydraulic Clamp, Ripley Harness, Ripley Left Arm, Ripley Right Arm, Ripley Left Leg, Ripley Right Leg

Medicine Tech Tree

Chemistry Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Beaker, Large Beaker, Cryostasis Beaker, Dropper, Syringe, Reagent Grinder Machine board, Hotplate Machine board, Pill Canister, Bottle, Chemical Payload

Medical Machinery
Prerequisites: Biological Technology, Chemistry Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: ChemMaster Machine board, ChemDispenser Machine board, Crew Monitoring Computer board, Handheld Crew Monitor, Biomass Reclaimer Machine board

Advanced Life Support
Prerequisites: Biological Technology, Virology
Points: 20,000
Recipes: Metempsychotic Machine Machine board, Medical Scanner Machine board, Stasis Bed (Machine board), Cloning Console Computer board, Cryo Pod Machine board, Medical HUD

Biology Tech Tree

Biological Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Scythe, Hatchet, Shovel, MiniHoe, Spade, Clippers, Butcher's Cleaver, Kitchen Knife, Microwave Machine Board, Deep Fryer Machine board, First Aid Kit, Burn Treatment Kit, Toxin Treatment Kit, Oxygen Deprivation Treatment, Brute Trauma Treatment Kit, Advanced First Aid Kit, Radiation Treatment Kit, Combat Medical Kit

Food And Beverage Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Butcher's Cleaver, Kitchen Knife, Microwave Machine Board, Booze Dispenser Machine Board, Soda Dispenser Machine Board

Advanced Botany
Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Seed Extractor Machine board, Hydroponics Tray Machine board, Health Analyzer, Implanter

Advanced Surgery
Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Scalpel, Retractor, Cautery, Drill, Metal Saw, Hemostat

Advanced Virology
Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Sterile Mask, Sterile Swab, Vaccinator Machine board, Diagnoser Machine board

Security Tech Tree

Surveillance Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 12,500
Recipes: Surveillance Camera Router board, Surveillance Camera Wireless Router board, Surveillance Camera Monitor board, Surveillance Wireless Camera Monitor board, Television board

Security Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Flash, Handcuffs, Stun baton, Flash Payload, Insulative Headcage

Ballistics Technology
Prerequisites: Security Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Recipes: Cartridge (.35 Auto), Shell (.50), Shell (.50 Flare), Cartridge (.30 Rifle), Cartridge (.45 Magnum)

Non-Lethals Technology
Prerequisites: Security Technology
Points: 8,000
Recipes: Recipes: Shell (.50 BeanBag), Shell (.50 Tranquilizer), Shell (.50 SoulBreaker), Cartridge (.35 Auto Rubber), Cartridge (.45 Magnum Rubber), Cartridge (.30 Rifle Rubber), Cartridge (.20 Rifle Rubber), Shock Collar

Direct Energy Technology
Prerequisites: Security Technology, Compact Power Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Decloner Lockbox


"I can't get any points!"

The R&D Computer probably isn't synced up to the R&D Server. Click Server List, then ID x || RDSERVER and exit the window.

"I can't print anything!"

The machine you're using also need to be synced up to the R&D Server. Follow the steps above and click "Sync." Also, recipes do not appear on all machines; for example, most Machine Boards only appear in the Circuit Imprinter, and most ammunition only appears in the SecFab.

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