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Research and Development

Research and Development (commonly called R&D or RnD) is the job of the Acolytes in Epistemics. Through scientific analysis of alien artifacts and obsequious service to a talking statue, you'll unlock the secrets of new technology for the entire station.

R&D gameplay largely revolves around the acquisition and use of research points to gain new technologies for the station.

Point Generation

Research points can be acquired through a few different sources.

Research points are generated passively by active Glimmer Probers. Your passive generation is limited to (7,500 * Probers). You can also generate points actively by activating alien artifacts and obeying The Oracle. The Oracle is a stone statue somewhere on the station that requests different items be given over to it. In exchange, you will be granted research points disks and bluespace crystals.

A profitable form of point generation is Xenoarcheology, which is the process of analyzing and activating different randomly generated artifacts that can be found via events or salvage debris. Most artifacts have more than one "Stimulus-Reaction" combination (known as Nodes), so make sure to scan and activate as many of them as you can before destroying the artifact for points, selling it to cargo, or keeping it around because it's effects are cool enough to warrant keeping.

Another highly valuable source of research points is Anomalous Research. Most Epistemics departments come equipped with an Anomaly Generator, Anomalous Particle Emitters (A.P.E.) and Anomaly Vessels, which are used to spawn, interact with, and generate points from anomalies respectively. Anomalies can come in different forms, ranging from raging balls of pink-hot matter, to electrically-discharging motes of light, to radioactive gravity wells, so make sure to wear some protective gear while studying them.

Points can also be acquired through research disks, which can be found in maintenance, salvaged from space, given as a result of identifying a disease or from giving the Oracle what it desire.


R&D Computer

The R&D computer at the start of the Round with no technologies researched.

RDComputer.png In the R&D computer new technologies can be unlocked via points. To research a technology, click on it if it's in the Unlockable technologies column. Technologies in the Future technologies are locked behind others, requiring you to research a previous technology (in the Unlockable technologies column). Technologies in the Unlocked technologies section have already been researched.



The Autolathe doesn't require any research but only makes engineering and botanical tools as well as low-voltage cables. Requires plastic, steel and glass to use.



The Protolathe is a machine capable of printing most of what you've researched. It can make things such from beakers or ammo. Requires steel, glass and sometimes plastic to use.



Your purple departmental techfab holds most of your cool lategame recipes. All of the bluespace crystals go here. You can use them to make cool stuff like bags of holding, quantum spin inverters, and so on.

Circuit Imprinter


The Circuit Imprinter is a machine capable of printing machine boards used for creating machines and computers. They require steel, glass and sometimes gold.

Technology Trees

New tech will usually unlock new recipes for machines which have synchronized their database with the R&D Server in use. New technology builds on the old: to unlock the secrets of space-time technology, you'll need to learn plenty of other things along the way. Technologies are roughly grouped, but some items may require research from outside its "tree."

Basic Research
Points: 2,500
Recipes: Mug, Metal Mug, Drinking Glass
This is always the starting point of your journey.

Janitology Tree

Cleaning Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Bucket, Mop, Advanced Mop, Spray Bottle, Light Replacer, Body Bag, Trash Bag, Wet Floor Sign
Replacement tools and upgrades for your indispensable sanitation technicians.

Entertainment Sciences Tree

Applied Musicology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Synthesizer, Digital Audio Workstation Circuit Board
Usually (hopefully?) the only thing a Musician will ask you for.

Applied Physics Tree

Surveillance Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 12,500
Recipes: Surveillance Camera Router, Surveillance Camera Wireless Router, Moveable Wireless Camera, Wireless Camera, Surveillance Camera Monitor, Surveillance Wireless Camera Monitor, Television Circuitboard
Big Brother is watching.

Security Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Flash, Flash Payload, Handcuffs, Insulative Headcage, Stun Baton
The bread and butter tools of the Security Force, and a jumping-off point to more advanced weaponry.

Non-Lethal Technology
Prerequisites: Security Technology
Points: 8,000
Recipes: .20 Rifle Rubber Round, .25 Caseless Rubber Round, .30 Rifle Rubber Round, .35 Auto Rubber Round, .45 Magnum Rubber Round, .50 Beanbag, .50 Soulbreaker Shell, .50 Tranquilizer Shell, Shock Collar
Not that Security knows it has this, but they can use their Secfab to make the Armory riot-ready. Or ready for everday use, if the Captain can be persuaded ...

Ballistic Technology
Prerequisites: Security Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: .30 Rifle Cartridge, .35 Auto Cartridge, .45 Magnum Cartridge, .50 Flare Shell, .50 Buckshot Shell
Lethal ammunition for most standard ballistic weaponry.

Direct Energy Technology
Security Technology, Compact Power Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: REDACTED Lockbox
This REDACTED can be used to REDACTED the worst criminals, those completely beyond saving.

Scientology Science Tree!

Scientific Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Capacitor, Matter Bin, Micro-Laser, Micro-Manipulator, Scanning Module, Node Scanner
Unlocks basic parts fabrication for new machines, and the Node Scanner for artifact analysis.

Robotics Technology
Prerequisites: Scientific Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Proximity Sensor, Left Borg Arm, Right Borg Arm, Exosuit Fabricator Machine Board
Basic 'bot parts for underfoot droids and an imprint for constructing larger Exosuits.

Archaeological Technology
Prerequisites: Scientific Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Analysis Computer, Artifact Analyzer, Travel Distorter Machine Board
Replacement parts for your Xenoarchaeology equipment and a mysterious machine.

Junkyard Dog Tree

Salvage Equipment
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Appraisal Tool, Mining Drill, Ore Processor Machine Board
The Mining Drill is quite an upgrade over the basic Pickaxe.

Exosuit Ripley
Prerequisites: Salvage Technology
Points: 30,000
Recipes: Ripley Legs, Ripley Arms, Ripley Harness, Hydraulic Clamp, Ripley Central Control Board, Ripley Peripherals Board
"I can drive that loader. I have a Class-2 rating."

Spacefaring Equipment
Prerequisites: Salvage Equipment, Industrial Engineering
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Shuttle Control Computer Board, Radar Console Computer Board, Thruster Machine Board, Gyroscope Machine Board
Due to extremely high rates of negligence and dereliction of duty by salvage teams, this technology may be restricted.

Factorio Tree

Industrial Engineering
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Intercom Electronics, Conveyor Belt, Flashlight, Fire Extinguisher, Firelock Electronics, Door Electronics, Air Alarm Electronics, Fire Alarm Electronics, Mailing Unit Electronics, Autolathe Machine Board, Protolathe Machine Board, Circuit Imprinter Machine Board
"Why is my Main Bus stopped?"

Material Sheet Printing
Prerequisite: Industrial Engineering
Point Cost: 5,000
Recipes: Bluespace Crystal, Glass, Plasma, Plastic, Plasteel, Reinforced Glass, Steel
Lets you get the listed materials back out of a machine. Finally!

Electronics Tree

Electromagnetic Theory
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: LV Cable, MV Cable, HV Cable, Incandescent Light, Fluorescent Light, APC Electronics, Substation Machine Board, Remote Signaller, Signal Trigger, Voice Trigger, Timer Trigger
Wait, are those bomb components?

Compact Power Technology
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Wallmount Substation Electronics, Wallmount Generator Electronics, Wallmount APU Electronics
Smaller versions of industrial electronics, usually for insertion into shuttle projects.

Advanced Parts Technology
Prerequisites: Scientific Technology, Compact Power Technology
Points: 15,000
Recipes: Advanced Capacitor, Advanced Matter Bin, High-Power Micro-Laser, Nano-Manipulator, Advanced Scanning Module
Look, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but ... upgrading machines is really, really good.

Spacetime Technology
Prerequisites: Compact Power Technology, Advanced Parts Technology, Archaeological Equipment, Chemistry Technology
Points: 20,000
Recipes: Quantum Spin Inverter, Bluespace Beaker, Bags of Holding, Normality Crystal, Trashbag of Holding
Some of the most advanced toys Epistemics can get, plus the ability to construct a Glimmer Drain.

Electrical Engineering
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory, Industrial Engineering
Points: 15,000
Recipes: RCD Ammo, Power Drill, Holographic Sign Projector, SMES Machine Board, Power Monitoring Computer Electronics, Generator (Plasma) Machine Board, Generator (Uranium) Machine Board, Solar Control Computer Electronics, Emitted Machine Board
Replacements and expansions for the station's power net.

Rapid Upgrade
Prerequisites: Electrical Engineering
Points: 7,500
Recipes: RPED
Makes the Chief Engineer's RPED widely available to Engineering.

Advanced Atmospherics Technology
Prerequisites: Electrical Engineering
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Holofan Projector, Freezer Thermomachine Machine Board, Portable Scrubber Machine Board, Gas Recycler Machine Board
Allows Atmospherics to expand or replace their capabilities if needed.

Basic Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory
Points: 2,500
Recipes: Small-Capacity Powercell

Advanced Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Basic Powercell Printing
Points: 5,000
Recipes: Medium-Capacity Powercell

Super Powercell Printing
Prerequisites: Advanced Powercell Printing
Points: 7,500
Recipes: High-Capacity Powercell

Biology Tree

Biological Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Scythe, Hatchet, Shovel, Kitchen Knife, Butcher's Cleaver, Microwave Machine Board, Deep Fryer Machine Board
Lots of replacements for the Kitchen and Botany's capabilities.

Advanced Botany
Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Health Analyzer, Implanter, Seed Extractor Machine Board, Hydroponics Bay Machine Board
Potentially beneficial to both Botany and Medical.

Advanced Surgery
Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 7,500
Recipes: Scalpel, Retractor, Cautery, Drill, Metal Saw, Hemostat
What do you mean we can't perform surgery? Well, whatever!

Prerequisites: Biological Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Latex Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Sterile Mask, Sterile Swab, Vaccinator Machine Board, Diagnoser Machine Board
Replacement disease-fighting capabilities!

Medicine Tree

Chemistry Technology
Prerequisites: Basic Research
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Beaker, Large Beaker, Cryostasis Beaker, Chemical Payload, Dropper, Syringe, Pill Canister, Bottle, Reagent Grinder Machine Board, Hotplate Machine Board
Replaces and expands Chemistry's capabilities.

Medical Machinery
Prerequisites: Biological Technology, Chemistry Technology
Points: 10,000
Recipes: Handheld Crew Monitor, ChemMaster 4000 Machine Board, Chem Dispenser Machine Board, Crew Monitoring Computer Electronics, Biomass Reclaimer Machine Board
More replacements for Medical's capabilities, and the ability to fabricate tracking devices? Sure!

Advanced Life Support Systems
Prerequisites: Medical Machinery, Virology
Points: 20,000
Recipes: Metempsychotic Machine Board, Medical Scanner Machine Board, Stasis Bed Machine Board, Cloning Console Machine Board, Cryo Pod Machine Board
Access to the most advanced Medical imprints, the absolute cutting edge of medicine. And also a replacement board for a broken Metampsychotic Machine.


"I can't get any points!"

The R&D Computer probably isn't synced up to the R&D Server. Click Server List, then ID x || RDSERVER and exit the window.

"I can't print anything!"

The machine you're using also need to be synced up to the R&D Server. Follow the steps above and click "Sync." Also, recipes do not appear on all machines; for example, most Machine Boards only appear in the Circuit Imprinter, and most ammunition only appears in the SecFab.

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