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The Radio is a convenient way for personnel to consult each other and warn about dangers. Similarly to talking in the 'Local', 'Telepathy', and 'Emote' channels, you can talk in the various Radio channels. Each channels has it's own color and your message is only broadcast across the specific channel you're talking into. Each department has a specific radio channel to allow private communication from members of that department.

Using the Radio

What you see when you examine a headset.

To use the radio press the "T" key and type ";" for the common radio, which appears in green.
If you want to talk on a departmental channel, type ":" and the department you want to talk to.
If you want to talk to your main department channel, type ":h"

Department Radio Channel
Service :v
Engineering :e
Security :s
Medical :m
Epistemics :p
Command :c
Syndicate :t
CentCom :y

To be usable, radio channels needs a working telecommunication server with the corresponding encryption key in it, otherwise you won't be able to talk in it. Handheld radios are exempt from this as they use a special frequency that doesn't require any encryption keys.

You can only talk on radio channels your headset is authorised to communicate with. You can examine your headset to see what departments you're authorised to use.

You can 'collect' more access by acquiring encryption keys from heads of departments or other headsets using a screwdriver.

Common Usage

  • Warning about rival corporations (See: Antagonist)
  • Setting an arrest warrant.
  • Informing people about their supplies being ready.
  • Important information such as the death of Heads.
  • Calling the Janitor to a crime against the cleanliness of the station.
  • Coordinating with fellow department members.
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