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Your job defines your starting equipment, your access on board the station, and what you're supposed to be doing. While the job descriptions do reflect some actual truths or common behaviors/occurances, they are mainly jokes and are not the actual job description. They should not be taken as actual instructions or advice.

Command Jobs

They manage the station and ensure everyone is safe and productive.

Job Role Difficulty
Be responsible for the station. Make sure the Heads of Staff aren't stepping out of line. Secure the nuke disk! Make sure everything stays in working order and fix any issues that other crew members can't. Do not try to take over a department and do someone else's job, that's why you have a crew. hVery Hard

Security Jobs

They are here to ensure that the crew are kept in check and troublemakers receive proper punishment.

Job Role Difficulty
Head of Security
Make sure you and your security officers are following SoP and Space Law to a perfect degree, despair when they run around with their baton out. Organize the security officers into a formidable order-keeping force. Have the final word on how to resolve security related issues. fHard
Protect the armory, protect the brig, protect your dog, make sure the officers know and follow Space Law. Process prisoners and give them timers. Manage the security department and all of the people imprisoned inside of it. Protect it from irresponsible staff and protect the prisoners from being forgotten in their cells. Don't leave the brig unless its justified. fHard
Security officer.png
Security Officer
Turn on the stunbaton before batoning and cuffing troublemakers in a timely fashion. Have everyone cry "shitcurity" and hate you for trying to protect them. Be responsible and patrol the station, respond to calls for help, capture and detain (the correct) criminal, alert your department of any developments and enforce space law. eMedium to Hard
Prison Guard.png
Prison Guard
Listen to the Warden. Patrol the brig and everywhere Prisoners are. Prevent the prisoners from escaping. Develop a lasting friendship with the permabrig prisoners. Slip on soap and get beaten for your ID. eMedium to Hard
Security Cadet.png
Security Cadet
Be on the path to becoming a proper and official SecOff. Keep in mind that the rest of the station may not take it easy on you as you are an easier target. Do your best to help break up fights, patrol the halls, and maybe even stop a Traitor or two. cEasy to Medium

Engineering Jobs

They are charged with station upkeep and engineering support.

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Engineer.png
Chief Engineer
Use your state of the art tools to set up power before it runs out. Protect your department from the hordes of thieves. Give orders to Station Engineers and Atmospheric Technicians instead of doing everything by yourself. Oversee the successful operation of the station's power source and send your underlings to rebuild damage and hull breaches. fHard
Station Engineer
The arm of the Chief Engineer. Your job is to set up the engine, wire the solar panels, fix the maintenance wires chewed by rats and repair any damage to hull and equipment. Nothing is broken? Just give it a few minutes. Create new power sources and fix any power or integrity-related issues that the station may have. Hold the entire station together with your hard work and duct tape. Accidentally singuloose the station due to an oversight. dMedium
Atmospheric Technician.png
Atmospheric Technician
Watch and manage atmos. Make sure everybody is breathing by listening to complaints; if they can talk, everything's within tolerance. Forget to repair damaged piping. Be known as one of the three people who know how atmos works. Die in a plasma fire when you suddenly forget how atmos works. eMedium to Hard
Salvage Technician.png
Salvage Technician
Equip a hard-suit and salvage wrecked station parts from previous stations, a grim reminder of what's to come in the next ten minutes. Fight fish in space and hurriedly throw your loot out into space to fly back to safety. Accidentally space your department twice. dMedium

Epistemics Jobs

They are here to study the secrets of the universe and unlock precious research.

Job Role Difficulty
Help unlock the secrets of the universe by probing the mysteries of the Noösphere!. Guard the oracle. Organize the requisition of whatever the Oracle demands of you. Try to control your department full of weirdos and make sure they are taking their job seriously. Forget to use your psionic powers against powerful entities. Cry when glimmer reach critical levels. dMedium
Forensic Mantis.png
Forensic Mantis
Smoke blunts. Solve mysteries, big and small. From easy slam dunks like who killed the clown, to the nature of the universe. Be in charge of investigating crime scenes for clues and keeping rogue psionics in check. fHard
Preach to crew members and aid them in their journeys to spiritual oneness. Mass produce holy water, only to have people drink it. Sacrifice people to power up Golems. Ignore people complaining about Remilia. dMedium
Probe the mysteries of the Noösphere! Steal Politely ask for whatever the Oracle demands of you. Convince people that you are not part of a cult. Try to understand the mysteries of anomalies and artefacts. Constantly remind the crew to tell you where the anomalies are. dMedium
Write on some paper and have people glance at it and shrug. Help out the Epistemic department. Keep the library tidy and clean. Play D&D for the rest of the round with other crew members. bEasy

Medical Jobs

They are here to provide medical treatment to other crew members.

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Medical Officer.png
Chief Medical Officer
Be in charge of either the calmest or more stressful department of the station. Make sure the Metempsychotic machine is linked properly! Manage the resources and personnel of the medical department to keep the crew in top shape. Know enough about each part of your department to be able to teach new hires. Panic when Medbay is inevitably overrun with corpses. dMedium
Medical Doctor.png
Medical Doctor
Work with your fellow doctors to keep the station alive. Mix medicine and make them into pills. Put away the ever stacking bodies back into the morgue. Remember to examine patients before treating or cloning them to drastically reduce work load. Get swarmed by a tide of people all needing band-aids, ointment and anti-toxins. dMedium
Roam around the station. Attempt to rescue people from dangerous situations. Get mugged and/or killed by any of the 20 antagonists lurking in maintenance. Stabilize injured personnel and bring them into Medical. Spend the entire shift collecting dead Salvage Technicians. dMedium
Pursue the fruitless endeavor of trying to provide mental healthcare aboard a station staffed near exclusively with violent sociopaths. Attempt to teach Head of Security to read and fail. Deem the Captain is unfit to serve and watch as the station slowly descends in to madness. Replace the actual doctors when they don't know which end of the syringe goes in the body. bEasy

Service Jobs

They contribute to the crew's overall performance one way or another.
The service department is separated in four purely cosmetic sub-departments; Cargo, Catering, Entertainment and Civilian

Job Role Difficulty
Head of Personnel
Give out additional access where needed or change people's jobs but do contact the relevant Head of Staff first. Mediate any disputes that can't be solved by the relevant department heads. Be responsible for the Service department. Force assistants to indulge in your paperwork obsession. fHard
Process cargo orders. Make sure everyone gets what they need. Work with Salvage or Botanists to make money. Blow the budget on plushies crates to feed your addiction. Get yelled at when the Captain can't buy a shuttle due to low funds. cEasy to Medium
Mail Carrier.png
Mail Carrier
Deliver mail around the station, resulting in cargo receiving lots of money. Constantly remind your fellow crew members about their mail. Try not to go postal when Engineering has a pile of unopened mail on their counter the entire shift. bEasy
Keep the station's crew docile and drunk. Take their oddly specific requests and make them at your beer and soda machines. Don't be afraid to use your shotgun. Bar is one of the most bombed and attacked regions, as there is usually a lot of people there. Give the crew drinks and mix lengthy recipes into borderline-illegal concoctions. bEasy
Grow enough food to stop the chef from seeking "alternative sources". Grow lots of wheat, and when you get tired of that, grow weed. Make weed smoothies and spike drinks with nettles. Keep growing random plants until the chef is happy. Get blamed for releasing your new batch of killer tomatoes. bEasy
Keep the station fed so that they can continue scurrying around like cockroaches at full speed. Tell botany what to grow and watch in horror as they only grow wheat. Serve raw eggplants or deep fry everything. Snap and hunt assistants for meat. Be praised by everyone for being the first Chef in station history to do your job. Find out if it will blend. Deep fry the armory. dMedium
Be a slightly more useful assistant and provide help to people who need it. Serve as a stylish liaison between the station's departments. Have slightly more access than your average Assistant but none of the recognition. Immediately ditch your clothes. bEasy
Constantly ask people to fight you and end up drinking in the bar when they don't. Decide you'll start some impromptu title fights only to become a regular patron of the brig's holding cells. Wind up in Medbay constantly. bEasy
Honk! Make the station laugh. Tell jokes. Trip on tables. Perform elaborate pranks. Hit the Nukie with a banana pie and snap their gun in half while they watch in horror. Ideally, you want everyone else to be laughing with you. Being a clown is not an excuse to be an asshole. Have a gun explode in your face when you need it the most. aClown
Be a prisoner but you get to fight stuff. Put on a combat spectacle for the crew. Fight for your freedom, glory, and honor. End up either dead or killing every single thing in the arena. bEasy
Martial Artist
Be honorable and disciplined, spar in the dojo, challenge security to CQC. End up forgetting the basics of CQC. bEasy
Play as the objectively strongest role in the game with special powers as long as you don't speak. Get your PDA stolen while you are writing out a 20+ word custom emote. aMime
Play MIDIs at deafening volumes. Lay down some smooth jams. Bum around in the bar and flex your knowledge on obscure bands. Pester Cargo for more instruments. Sell your soul for a gold-plated fiddle. bEasy
Enjoy your stay and offer assistance to anyone who looks like they need it. End up getting in trouble for getting into places you shouldn't. Save the Station when least expected. aNone
Try to keep the station clean of spills. Use your mop to clean up spills by replacing them with puddles. Ignore the woes of man with your no slip shoes, engaging in schadenfreude as you point at the wet floor sign. Watch as people complain about you not cleaning areas you don't have access to. bEasy
Pretend to be a part of security without actually doing any of the work. Tell security to notify you when a new prisoner arrives. Try as hard as you can to get everyone to go into the courthouse at any opportunity. "My CLIENT killed those two botanists in self-defense Your Honor." bEasy
Make reports on the smallest of things happening around the station. Place your cameras in well frequented places. Provide access to entertainment to everyone. bEasy
Sit in prison and learn about growing plants and cooking. Gamble with your cell mates. Talk to the warden. Write your memoirs. Roleplay with the Lawyer/Warden/Prison Guard until you forge a deep, personal relationship. Don't invite the Head of Security to the wedding. bEasy

Silicon Jobs

They are programmed to help and support the crew.

Job Role Difficulty
Follow your laws. Read your laws. READ YOUR LAWS. Do not read your laws and eat an awfully long ban. Assist the humans. Have lengthy discussions with crew members about the correct interpretation of your laws. fHard
Medical Robot
Follow your laws. Read your laws, seriously. Help medical. Alt-click your hypospray to change reagents. Have a traitor tell you all the evil things they've done and realize you can't reveal anything because of your laws. fHard
Maintenance Drone.png
Maintenance Drone
Follow your laws. Read your laws. Rebuild the station. Fix the station up. Do the engineer's job. Wear hats. Do other people's jobs. Grief and speedrun getting whitelist revoked. Constantly ask why everyone looks like a static figure. dMedium
Personal AI
Become pals with your carrier. Act as an on-demand jukebox. Be the friend someone has always wanted. Make up your own personality and gimmick to enhance the roleplay of your carrier and your own. bEasy

Antagonists Jobs

Main Antagonist

Main antagonist are typically the primary bad guy of a single round and are selected on round start. They are usually the main factor on how a round can play out.

Main Antagonist
Job Role Difficulty
Buy a glowy sword. Start with special objectives. Use codewords to find allies throughout the station. Buy tools to assist you on causing as much chaos as possible. Play mind games with security as you bomb cargo. Get robusted by a toolbox-wielding mime. aMedium to Very Hard
Nuclear Operative.gif
Nuclear Operative
Spend 30 minutes discussing a detailed plan, then explode before setting foot on the station. Forget the nuke. Get the nuclear disk and create a mass grave. Get shot by your own team. Have your shuttle stolen by a single clown. Kidnap Ian. hVery Hard

Side Antagonist

Side antagonists are either subservient to another antagonist or have a small chance to appear during any round type.

Side Antagonist
Job Role Difficulty
Paradox Anomaly
Either befriend your double and enjoy a calm shift or try and fail to replace your double by killing them. Get instantly spotted anyway when you are more competent than your double. End up role-playing as a lost twin, only to get robusted by the original on the spot for no reason. fHard
An escaped fugitive armed with a pair of insulated gloves and one toolbox. Your goal is to escape on the shuttle free and unrestrained. Fall down from the ceiling at the worst time and location. dMedium
The 'dream-eater' spider. You are invisible while in webs and can put people to sleep. Make massive nests of webbing. Lure people into the webs. Ambush them. Consume. dMedium
Regal Rat Icon.png
Rat King
Be da King, make some rulz. Potentially make a pact with the crew to not get gunned down immediately and live in peaceful harmony. Eat everything and create a swarm of rats. Send your rat army against the crew after a random assistant insults you. dMedium
Rat Servant.png
Rat Servant
Be da King's underling, follow da rulz. Listen to the Rat King. Don't attack without being told to do so by the Rat King. Die to the Janitor dual wielding mouse traps. bEasy
Be everyone worst nightmare. Eat the crew's life force, break tiles, overload lights, induce crippling depression in the clown, break tiles, taunt the crew, cry when the chaplain hits you, break tiles. dMedium
Catch flies assistants in your web and suck their juices out. Make massive nests of webbing. Have your work cut out by the friendly Arachnes that webbed half of the bar. dMedium
Spread the infection and transform the whole station into a biohazard. Test how effective security and medical are. aLiterally Brainless
Jobs on Nyanotrasen
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