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Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Whitelisted, 15 hours of playtime, 1 hour in Engineering, 1 hour in Medical, 1 hour in Security
Access: Command, Head of Personnel, Bar, Service, Mail, Cargo, Maintenance, Janitor, Theatre, Kitchen, Hydroponics
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Assistant, Bartender, Botanist, Boxer, Chef, Clown, Janitor, Lawyer, Mail Carrier, Martial Artist, Mime, Musician, Quartermaster, Reporter, Valet
Duties: Change job titles and manage ID permissions, replace missing PDAs, coordinate the service department, protect Ian at any cost
Guides: Alert Procedure, Standard Operating Procedure

The Head of Personnel (Usually called HoP) is in charge of the service department and responsible for managing jobs, ID permissions and giving out replacement PDAs. They are not the second in command but most of the time are appointed as the Captain in case the captain somehow goes missing due to how conveniently easy it is for them to upgrade their ID and being one of the least critical Head of the station.

Next to the Captain, the Head of Personnel is probably one of the most gunned-after positions on the station as his ID and his ID console are an easy key to unlimited access to anywhere on the station (usually called "All-Access" and abbreviated as "AA"). You can be certain that at least a few of the crew members will take an opportunity to help themselves to increased access if given the chance, so be on your guard and try not to stray too far from your ID console.

Managing jobs and PDAs

The ID console

Your ID console is used to change what groups of access an ID has assigned to it. It requires two ID cards:

  • Privileged ID - This is your ID or another ID that has the ability to modify other ID cards.
  • Target ID - This is the ID you will actually modify the access of.

Remember to take the Privileged ID out of the console when you are done with it! It is very easy to accidentally leave it in the computer, especially if you create a second ID which has modification permissions to avoid using your own ID.

Once the two ID cards are inserted, you will see which access groups an ID card has assigned to it. Clicking any group will toggle that group on and off. If you want to or if appropriate, you can change the job title on the ID card to whatever you like. Once you are done, click on the IDs where you inserted them to eject them from the machine.

Changing jobs and access

Depending on the number of crew, the HoP's line can fill up before you have even had a chance to pet Ian with various crew members unsatisfied with their job preferences vying for your attention and an ID change (and most probably, the clown mixed in cutting in line slipping people for laughs). Maintain some order and process each person as they come. So as long as you are handling things quickly, the crew will generally behave.

Be cautious about job assignments and request for additional access. If a crew member is requesting transfer or additional access to another department, it is common courtesy to notify the head of that department and/or request that crew member to get a paper stamped by that head of staff which they are transferring to. This may seem like a needless hoop, but this ensures that the Head of Staff actually knows what is going on and doubles as a way to filter out those who are either too lazy to obtain a stamp or who would rather not have that department head know what they are up to.

Remember that most of the time, traitors are sprinkled in the crew and you could just as easily be giving a Syndicate Agent easy access (and an alibi of "The Head of Personnel said I could") to specific locations. While giving all-access to the Clown is hilarious, it will probably land you in serious trouble, so don't do that.

Replacing a missing PDA or ID

The crew is often hapless victims of theft, and ID cards are among some of the most common items stolen for various reasons. If a crew member claims their ID or PDA has been stolen, you can create them a replacement one using the box of PDAs and box of Assistant IDs which spawn in your office. Equip the ID with the appropriate level of access for that crew member's job and send them on their way.

Be careful of being tricked, though. A crew member can easily disguise themselves in the jumpsuit of an unrelated job and claim they had their ID stolen, when in reality they have just hidden it in their bag. Once you give them the new ID for say, engineering, they'll walk off with a "Thank You" and now be in possession of both an Engineering and a Scientist ID.


Ian.png Protecting Ian is arguably the most important job of the Head of Personnel. He must be kept safe at all times even at the cost of your life.

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