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A skill that you can use to grant yourself illicit access to pieces of technology, or apply unintended side effects to pieces of technology.


The gear that you should probably prepare before hacking.

  • InsulatedGloves.png Insulated Gloves - In order to not immediately get zapped. Hackables have power lines, and cutting/pulsing these without gloves can and will harm you. It's possible to hack without them, but it will be slow, painful, and you'll need ointment.
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver - In order to access the maintenance panel, you must first obtain a screwdriver. A necessary tool.
  • Wirecutter.png Wirecutters - Allows you to cut and mend the wires, allowing for more long-term hacking. Can also reverse effects of the multitool.
  • Multitool.png Multitool - Allows you to pulse the wires. Also very good for learning which wire does which. Needed to unbolt the door if the bolts go down.
  • Crowbar.png Crowbar - Allows you to forcibly open a door. Works when the power is out or you've hacked away the power.


Multiple powered devices are hackable. Doors and vending machines are the most common to hack.
The process for starting to hack something is a very simple process:

  1. Screwdriver Screwdriver.png in hand, click on the object to open its maintenance panel and expose the wiring.
  2. With a multitool Multitool.png, wirecutters Wirecutter.png or empty hands, click on the object to access the wiring.
  3. Pulse wires using the multitool Multitool.png or cut wires with the wirecutters Wirecutter.png.
  4. Screwdriver Screwdriver.png the object again to shut its maintenance panel.

Remember, if you are trying to hack to get into unauthorised places or getting unauthorised objects you can potentially be sent to the brig, demoted, or even banned. If you are an Engineer, you may be asked by an authorised person to get into certain areas or get certain objects in an emergency situation but generally the right call (if you are not an antag) is to ask the relevant person first or the relevant Head of Staff.


The wires you see for a normal airlock door

In order to hack an object, you need to figure out what wire does what by pulsing it with a multitool or cutting it with a wirecutter. The wire cutters make a semi permanent change but you can reverse it by repairing the broken wire by "cutting" the cut wire again. Multitool effects are temporary when the power is on (and the timer controls this).

Above the wires there is a bunch of lights. The lights indicate whether each item is on or off. If the lights are big circles it means that item is on. A smaller light means that item is off.

To note is that all the wires for every objects are randomized at the start of the shift.


Airlock.png Airlocks

Every types of airlocks is hackable. Normal airlock have 7 wires. Two of them go to power.
High Security Doors follow the same logic as normal airlocks except they have 11 wires and only one of them goes to power.

Name Meaning Usage
ACC Access Determines whether the door checks for the appropriate access level of the person ID card. If you disable Access then anyone can open the door.
BLIT Bolt Lights If disabled then the bolt lights will not come on. These are the lights at the top of the door.
BOLT Bolt The door bolts lock the door, making it un-toggleable until unbolted, meaning you can keep a door open or shut.
TIMR Timer If disabled the timer that automatically open or close the door when the power is on will not activate. The door will instead stay open or closed but people can still open and close manually (unlike if the door was bolted).
SAFE Safety Safe is the function that keeps the door open when somebody is standing in it, disabling it will allow the door to close on a person, which hurts. Only works if the Timer is still enabled.
POWR Power Determines whether power is getting to the door. If the door is unpowered, you can open it with a crowbar unless the bolts are down.

Airalarm.png Air Alarm

Station flooded with plasma and all of the Atmos Techs and CE are incompetent and/or dead? Best to take matters into your own hands. Air Alarms only have 4 wires, each going to one feature.

Name Meaning Usage
ACC Access Determines whether the air alarm checks for the appropriate access level of the person ID card. If you disable Access then anyone can access the air alarm and change settings.
PANC Panic When cut or pulsed, will put the air alarm into Panic Siphon mode. Similar to removing access and manually changing that setting.
NETW Network Unknown
POWR Power Determines whether power is getting to the air alarm. If the air alarm is unpowered, it's not going to do much.

VendingMachineCoffee.png Vending Machines

The only thing worth hacking. Vending machines only have 4 wires.

Name Meaning Usage
ACC Access Determines whether the vending machine checks for the appropriate access level of the person ID card. If you disable Access then anyone can access the vending machine and dispense items from it.
VEND Eject When cut or pulsed, will make the machine dispense an item by firing in a random direction.
MNGR Contraband Toggles illegal/rare goods availability on/off. If the icon is blinking, it's toggled on.
POWR Power Determines whether power is getting to the vending machine. If the vending machine is unpowered, no one can buy from it.


  • When you shift click on an object, it will tell you whether the Panel is open or closed. If it is closed, you need a Screwdriver to open it.
  • Using a crowbar on a powered door will give you a message "the powered motors block you efforts".
  • If the bolts are down then the door will give you a message "the airlock bolts prevent it from being forced!".
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