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When dealing with Forensics, there are two major tools that you are utilizing, the Forensic Analyzer and the Forensic Pad.

ForensicAnalyzer.png Forensic Analyzer

A gadget, that when clicked on an object, allows you to print out a paper with the fingerprints and fibers. Remember to account for the fibers and fingerprints of the person who turned it in, yourself, security officers and any others.

ForensicPad.png Forensic Pad

A pad that allows you to identify the fingerprint IDs of a person. Remember to take off their gloves!

Whilst some stations do have consoles that have a list of crew members on station with their fingerprints, it is more reliable to use the forensic pad.

Fibers and Gloves

If you aren't given a fingerprint on the Forensic Analyzer, you can still help identify suspects with fibers.

It is to note that fingerless gloves leave fingerprints AND fibers.

Fiber Corresponding Gloves
Latex Fibers LatexGloves.png Latex Gloves
Nitrile Fibers NitrileGloves.png Nitrile Gloves
Holographic Chameleon Fibers BlackGloves.png Chameleon Gloves
Black Synthetic Fibers BlackGloves.png Black Gloves, Thieving Gloves
FingerlessGloves.png Fingerless Gloves
Colored Synthetic Fibers ColoredGloves.gif Corresponding colored Gloves.
Black Insulative Fibers BlackGloves.png Combat Gloves
Yellow Insulative Fibers InsulatedGloves.png Insulated Gloves, Budget Insulated Gloves, Unsulated Gloves
Brown Leather Fibers BotanyGloves.png Botanist's Leather Gloves, Patchwork Gloves
White Leather Fibers LatexGloves.png Inspection Gloves
Colored Leather Fibers Boxing Gloves.gif Corresponding colored Boxing Gloves.
Durathread Regal Blue Fibers CaptainGloves.png Captain's Gloves
Insulative Nanomachine Fibers NinjaGloves.png Space Ninja Gloves
PowerGloves.png Power Gloves
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