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Critters are life forms with simple behavior patterns that are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. This AI is remarkably limited in many respects, which most often manifests in sub-par path-finding and limited interactions. They come in a variety of forms, ranging from benign to horrific monsters that will destroy you instantly.

There exist many species of fauna (animals / fish) that can either be useful, useless or aggressive whilst alive. However, all fauna are useful when dead as they can be cooked by a Chef, sold by Cargo or recycled into biomass by Medical.

Note that when sold, the value of a corpse is sometimes more valuable than when cooked. e.g. a mouse corpse is ~200 whilst a cooked object is ~50.

This is an incomplete list of fauna you may encounter on the station or in space. Note that each creature has its own walk speed, damage, durability, air requirements and temperature tolerance. For example:

  • a mouse takes less damage than a space carp
  • a penguin can live in a fridge whilst a cow may die
  • a duck will die if there's no air whilst a space carp thrives in the vacuum of space.


These are animals or critters with specific names and are considered Allies to the station. They are usually found on the station and wander around the place.

Icon Name Description Source
Ian.png Ian The smartest person on the station and the true captain. The HoP's pet dog. Try to keep him alive and bring him with you on the shuttle. Arguably the sole job of the Head of Personnel is to guard him. HoP's Office
Fox.png Renault The captain's trustworthy fox. She accidentally swallowed telecrystals because they looked shiny. Captain's Office or Bridge
Cat.png Runtime Professional mouse hunter. Escape artist. Runtime usually spawns in the CMO's office. CMO's Office
CatCalico.png Exception Maybe they'll give you one of their spare lives. Angle, Northway
Floppa.gif Floppa He out there. Other normal caracals can be found in random spawns. Lighthouse, Salvage Wrecks
Ferret.png Bandito Just a silly little guy randomly found in the station. Other normal ferrets can be found in random spawns. Station, Random Spawn
McGriff.png McGriff This dog can tell something smells around here, and that something is CRIME! Warden's Office
Paperwork.png Paperwork Took up a new job sorting books in the library after he got transferred. He seems to be just as slow at this. The Library
Walter.png Walter He likes chems and treats. Walter. Will attack people wearing the clothes of a Mail Carrier HoS's Office
Possum.png Morty Morty can be found in random places of stations. Other normal possums can be found in random spawns. Station, Random Spawn
Raccoon.png Morticia Morticia can be found in random places of stations. Other normal raccoons can be found in random spawns. Random Spawn
Pig.png Alexander Chef's finest colleague. Sometimes survives the shift. Kitchen
Hamster.png Hamlet A grumpy, cute and fluffy hamster. Hamlet spawns in the Captain's Office but more hamsters can be acquired from Cargo. Captain's Office, Cargo
Shiva.png Shiva The first defender of the station. Will attack pests. Nowhere*
KangarooBoxer.png Willow The boxing kangaroo. Nowhere*
Bat.gif Remilia The chaplain's familiar. Likes fruits and blood. Chaplain


Icon Name Description Source
Cleanbot.png Cleanbot Goes to puddle and clean them. Janitor's Closet, Crafting
Medibot.png Medibot A helpful little surgeon. They go to wounded people and give them medicine. Medbay, Crafting


Icon Name Description Source
Honkbot.png Honkbot A mischievous thing that honks and slips people. Usually the creation of the Clown when they find the proper tools. Crafting
Cats.gif Cats Professional mouse hunters. Cats can be mass produced bought in moderation by Cargo to fight off mice and rats. Cargo, Random Spawn
Chicken.png Chicken A female, small, winged egg laying bird. Lays eggs more frequently than a Botanist can grow them. Butcher for raw chicken meat. Cargo, Random Spawn
Cow.png Cow A female, lactating, dairy cow. Crew with a container in their hand (e.g. bucket) and click on the cow with the container in order to receive milk. Cargo, Kitchen
Duck.png Duck A female, small, winged egg laying bird. Lays eggs more frequently than a Botanist can grow them. Butcher for raw duck meat. Cargo, Random Spawn
Ferrets.gif Ferret Just a silly little guy! Random Spawn
Fox.png Fox They're a fox. Random Spawn
Goose.png Goose Its stomach and mind are an enigma beyond human comprehension. Seems to be angry at everything. Will probably steal your stuff. Cargo, Random Spawn
Monkey.png Monkey A small, quick primate that can be butchered for multiple pieces of Raw Meat. Sometimes they might also be crew members, don't butcher those. Cargo, Random Spawn
Gorilla.png Gorilla A big, strong primate that smashes, roars and looks cool. Don't stand near one. Sometimes they might also be crew members. Cargo, Random Spawn
Parrot.png Parrot A colourful, fast bird Cargo, Random Spawn
Penguin.png Penguin A small cold-loving bird. Butcher for raw penguin meat Glacier, Cargo, Random Spawn
Pig.png Pig A animal that can be butchered for multiple pieces of Raw Meat Cargo
Pitbull.png Pitbull Not a very useful pet to buy as Cargo, except if you don't like certain co-workers. Will attack people wearing the clothes of a Mail Carrier. Cargo
Possum.png Possum O possum! My Possum! Random Spawn
Rat White.png Mouse A mischievous rodent that can go under doors. A Ghost controlling one can either be a friendly pet or the Chef's worst nightmare. Cargo, Random Spawn
Mothroach.png Mothroach A mischievous thing that can go under doors. Random Spawn
Sloth.png Sloth One of the slowest creature ever. Random Spawn
CatSpace.png Space Cat A cat from space in a tiny little EVA suit. Adorable. Random Spawn, Space
Corgi.png Corgi Ian but less cool. Cargo, Random Spawn
Frog.png Frog It is Wednesday my dudes. Hop hop hop. Lookin' moist. Random Spawn
Lizard.png Lizard A harmless little dragon. Cargo, Random Spawn
Slug.png Slug A tiny green slug. Random Spawn
Kangaroo.png Kangaroo A large marsupial herbivore. It has powerful hind legs. Cargo, Random Spawn


Icon Name Description Source
Meat Creatures.gif Meat Creatures Spawned by the Flesh Anomaly, they attack everything. Flesh Anomaly
KangarooBoxer.png Kangaroo Boxer A large marsupial herbivore ready for a fight, they will fight whoever comes close to them with their boxing gloves. Random Spawn
Rat Servant.png Rat A hungry, hostile rodent. A Rat King can talk and summon Rat Servant and both of these are player-controlled Antagonist roles. Only aggressive if the rat king that controls them told them to attack. Random Spawn
Space Carp.gif Space Carp A hostile fish found in space. Faster than you, and dangerous too. Try to avoid engaging in melee. Instead, attack with Proto-Kinetic Accelerators until you hear a "flop" noise, and then go in for the kill with your knife. Space
Space Bear.gif Space Bear A hostile bear found in space. Slower than you. Kill these by shooting it from a distance. Space
Space Tick.png Space Tick A hostile parasitic tick found in space. Space
Space Adder.png Space Adder A hostile space snake that is venomous. Don't get bit. Space
Space Kangaroo.gif Space Kangaroo A hostile kangaroo found in space. Space
Space Spider.png Space Spider A hostile spider found in space. Nowhere is safe from spiders. Space
Wisp.png Wisp A glimmer wisp which spawn if the Glimmer gets too high. It is only interested in the Psionics crewmembers but will fight back if you attack it. Glimmer Spawn
Cerberus.png Cerberus This pupper is not wholesome. The not so friendly Chaplain's familiar. Chaplain's Necronomicon
SlimeGreen.gif Angry Slime Everything around them irritates them and they will attack everyone and everything. Vulnerable to water similar to the smarter slime. Random Spawn
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