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Chief Engineer
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Whitelisted, 20 hours of playtime, 5 hours in Engineering, 2 hours as Atmospheric Technician, 1 hour as Salvage Technician
Access: Maintenance, Engineering, Command, Salvage, External, Chief Engineer, Atmospherics
Extended Access: None
Supervisors: Captain
Subordinates: Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Salvage Technician
Duties: Coordinate engineering, ensure equipment doesn't get stolen. Maintain and fix the station.
Guides: Guide to Construction, Guide to Power, Guide to Atmospherics, Reverse Engineering

You are the head of the Engineering Department, which includes not only Station Engineers, but Atmospheric Technicians as well. Essentially, your job is to boss your staff around and make sure the power flows.

You are expected to do everything you except from your average Engineer and Atmos Technician (if you haven't skiped that part of the training). You also will handle more sensitive matters such as but not limited to fixing sensible areas such as Bridge, the Vault, other heads offices. Your special tool belt gives you the Jaws of life, Drill, Experimental welder, a full stack of LV cables, and a Multitool.

In your locker you can find even more useful gear such as Advanced Magboots, CE hardsuit, Oxygen Canister, Engineer door Controller, CE stamp, breath mask, insulated gloves, and a jetpack.

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